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Postcards from a stranger.
30 postards mailed to the post(wo)man and wood structure.
Variable dimension.

Will the postal carrier read the postcards that were sent to them by a stranger? In a narrative exercise where visual and text grammars collide, Helena Fernández-Cavada writes to the post(wo)man that takes the mail to Rostrum Gallery. She shares her impressions about the disturbing changes in the political landscape observed during a short vacation in the south of Spain. How are life experiences affected by the normalisation of a reactionary and extreme right discourse? For this exhibition Helena Fernández-Cavada proposes grammars, visual forms and structures that can question the normalisation of the intolerance and ultra-nationalist extremism that today run from south to north, threatening the most vulnerable. The golden light of the Mediterranean sun and a quiet vacation cannot hide under the warmth of these old shadows. Or is it perhaps the excess of light that hides the normalisation?