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Possible deviations. A metro away from you

In collaboration with Bernardo Hernández and Moniek Driesse

An experimental intervention in the subway area:
Possible deviations from a meter of you is a sequence of 900 drawings and photographs (80 x 90 cm each one) mounted on the wall of a tunnel underground in central Mexico City that becomes an animation by the movement of the train when going from one station to another. Through the window of the train, passengers can see the animation. The lm creates a playful space capable of interrupting the usual temporary discourse.

This animation re ects on the relationship of the individual to the social rhythm and how it transforms our emotional universe. This intervention questions the aesthetic experience and the tensions that exist between ction and archive images, in relation to the construction of personal and collective memory. A man is waiting at the platform, while waiting the train, the camera enters in his memory and we
see images of his remembrance. These images are part of the collective memory of the inhabitants of Mexico. The title of the animation refers to the possibility of deviating from the daily transits in two senses: the character, through his memory, and more broadly, the potential audience that will nd this fragmented story in its way. The realization of images proposes a new discovery each time you make your observation: different layers of construction of forms and a multitude of subtle details, humorous, ambiguous. Each trip, even if it is the same route and the same length, is a different experience.
This project has been developed in three different levels: the creative animation work, the development of the technological system for installation and the necessary space management. The rst has elapsed as a kind of subjective examination of imaginary and artistic languages and the possibility of moving them; the second has entered in the world of engineering materials and structures; and the third has had to navigate in the complex visible and invisible structures of public space.

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